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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

At Night

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Secret meetings,
Only ours.
The heart treasures moments
Hunted by the soul in the dark.

Night time.
I see you and you see me;
We are together.
We talk and play,
We hug and kiss,
We live!
Everything´s as usual…

Another night.
I see you and you see me.
I want to reach to you,
But impediments won´t allow.
We are together,
That´s all that matters
And be content.

I see you and you see me.
We are together, and it´s better than great.
You´re back after vanishing away.
Now we are together again.
Is that possible…” -I want to ask-
“… returning from the dead?”
But I never dare to utter that,
In fear you disappear once again.

Another dream,
Another wakening,
Grieving as the first day.
No repair, no undo.
Certainly no content.

Countless dreams.
That´s all we have for now,
That´s all we´ve been having ever since…

How I long to go to sleep!

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  1. I nice poem :) I can feel the despair. It awakes feelings and is very well thought through!

  2. I think this is a great poem! Like Bianca said, it definitely awakes some feelings. I like how at the start of the poem it has a very positive kind of feel to it, while towards the end it totally shifts :)

  3. Thanks to both of you! I´m glad I´ve managed to convey the meaning I wanted... :)

  4. You are sort of a female Poe, here - great! I agree with the comments that the feeling and mood come out very clearly in the poem.

    I had one worry - I can't figure out how the phrase "possible that is" came into your original word hoard - could you explain?

  5. Poe? I didn´t know he was a poet as well... I hope his poems are not as scary as I remember his short stories to be!

    Regarding the phrase, I know it sounds as it should have been the other way around (the phrase being "is that possible?", and so having to write "possible that is"). Probably what I wrote is not that grammatical, but anyway, here is the original phrase in context:

    "Sometimes I just feel like de-learning Danish… if it were possible that is… because it is unfair I can be a part of what he is and he is not a part of what I am…"

  6. Ah I get it: "possible, that is" - makes sense now...

    About Poe's poems - read The Raven!

  7. Nice addition with the link to your website!


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