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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hills like white Elephants, rewritten.

Genre: anecdote
Speaking of elephants, here is a fun little anecdote. Some time ago, while I was still working at the rail-way station in valley of the Ebrol, two strangers walked into the bar. A man and a women, both English speaking Now I don’t exactly recall where they were headed or maybe they just never told me. Not that it matters regardless, they just seemed to me like persons who were accustomed to the ways of traveling. Anyway, you remember the hills which surround the valley right? Those with the white tulips growing all over them? Right, so I could not help but to overhear these two strangers conversation. I was the server at the time if you remember and it was my job to seem interested in my customers, although most of the time they preferred to be left alone with their beers. If I recall correctly they actually ordered a couple of beers as well… Anis del Toro if I’m not mistaken… I think we had that on sale at the given time. But that is really irrelevant to the story. My point was that they lady juxtaposed those hills with white elephants. I know right? I mean, she only had one beer and yet she rambled like that! Can you believe that? I mean, what kind of person would say that? Her boyfriend, or whatever he was, did not seem a whole lot brighter. Their conversation was generally about nothing. Not that I’m complaining or anything. They ended up buying quite a lot of drinks. Anyway, as we were discussion before….

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  1. Interestingly done - I like the narrator's indifference to the Hemingway characters and their problems. Nice sketch of the bartender's character, too...


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