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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Naming of Friends

Today we have the naming of friends
Yesterday we had daily financial speculating. And tomorrow morning
We shall have what to do after the firings. But today
Today we have the naming of friends

These are the taxes, which are always low
With an easy purchase of the right people. And please do not let me
See anyone lifting a finger. You can quite easily strain your golf swing
If you work too hard. The hands are idle and free of callous
I’m pleased I see none of you lifting a finger

And these you can see are our values. The purpose of these
You can see is to exclude others who do not share them. We can adjust them
Rapidly as we see fit. We call this the easy spring time. And rapidly backwards
And forwards the spoiled picketers tread. This is called the easy spring time.

They call it investing. It is perfectly easy
If you have the right connections. Like the mayor, the senator
And are invited to the right places
Which in our case we always are, for today we have the naming of friends


  1. Politically motivated satire - well executed. Obviously this crass tone makes the text parody, although Reed might paradoxically have agreed with the politics of the piece. He just chose the lyrical tone for his second voice, which you didn't.

  2. I think you do a good job of parody-ing Reed's poem as well. At first when I read it, I thought it was a bit too straight forward, to scientific. But then upon second thought, it's apparent that cold hard factual representation is what you were going for given the nature of the subject- war of information. I like it. I think the poem could do with one more edit, however, for general... 'liquidity' In my opinion, there seems to be a few too many words in some areas, ideas that could be expressed more simply and eloquently. Poems are so short that you want to make sure every word counts. For instance something as trivial as changing 'It is perfectly easy.. if you have the right connections' to 'It is perfectly easy... if you know the right people.'


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