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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Naming of Depression

Today we have the naming of depression
Yesterday we had stress related issues of personality.  And tomorrow morning
We shall have anxiety caused by every day.  But today
Today we have the naming of depression

This is your dysfunctional brain which analyzes your every mistake
These are your emotions distressed by the instability of surroundings
This is you powerless to change that which does not work for you
Others decide what you should do with your life.  Your path is predetermined to suck

These are the circumstances under which you live
The reason you are unfulfilled.  It is not your responsibility
The only way for the world to change is for somebody else to step up and do something
Somebody competent, who can tell you exactly what to do
Eliminating the possibility of failure

This will leave you happy.  You will never have to worry another day in your life
Everything will be perfect
Satisfaction complete
Today, we have the naming of depression

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  1. Nice idea (tho' again, not exactly a laugh a minute - but obviously that was never the intention...), but I am missing the second, more lyrical voice used by Reed in the last bit of each stanza in his poem.


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