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Monday, January 16, 2012

A hybrid - Author function AND war-poem

Author Function: Letter writer
Notion: Love
Normandie, 1945

To My Love,

I don't know if I'll ever see you again. Yesterday, we were under heavy fire and I got hit. I am in pain you won't be able to comprehend. It's indescribable. But nothing compared to the uncertainty whether or not I'm gonna see you again. Dear, gentle, beautiful you. The only thing that is certain to me at this moment is all my memories of you.
I remeber the first time I layed eyes on you. You were wearing a white dress.. it was the 4th of July 1939. You smiled. I couldn't stop look at you. You looked like an angel! At that moment I knew that I loved you. I thought I knew what love was, oh silly me. You taught me love. You touched my heart so that I thought it would pop right out of my chest. Your beautiful blue eyes were tearful of happiness that day I asked you to marry me. I couldn't help myself. I just had to make your mine. I adore every move you make, I honestly can't stop thinking of you. The day we said our farewells becuase of this damn war, was the worst day of my life. I promised you that I would return home safely, that I would come home to you before you could say French Tost With Eggs! But.. Now.. 3 years later. that's not happening. It probably won't. I don't know. I just know I love you. I love you more than words can describe! I am truly blessed by your love. And know this, my baby, you are the only worthy recipient of my soft love. I have written a poem and you know that I'm not much of a poet. But for you I can do everything

That day felt as black as a nigga's skin
That day ripped apart a heart or two
That day made me break a promise
That day that hurt you

You, with your corn-yellow hair
never should have known of that day
That damn day that almost smelled of gun-powder
That day that hurt you

"Whatever happens I'll always be yours"
We told eachother on that day
you were brave
on that day that hurt you

The day that was as black as a nigga's skin
forced us to be apart
But remember, my love
to always be as brave as you were
on that day that hurt you

I love you.
Forever yours and if not in this life, then in the after-life


  1. What a declaraion of love! You get a sense of the character and his longing for home and his girlfriend.

  2. Quite controversial language in the poem portion. Perhaps typical of some discourses of its time, it might still give offense in some quarters (esp as it is not an authentic, 'found' text, but one you chose to write 'for' him). I am assuming that you are writing his character deliberately as contradictory - capable of great emotion for her, and yet simultaneously callous towards other people (of another race)...


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