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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Last Duchess, Decentered

We are casually walking and talking, the Duke and I. He is showing me the many works of art he has on display in his home. It is apparent that he is a wealthy and probably a powerful man, a powerful man that likes to be the center of attention.  The Duke seems full of himself as he prances around among the many paintings of his forefathers. He is taking a specific pride in that fact that he bears a family name over nine hundred years old. He talks about it like it will be an honor above all others and anyone should happily forsake their old family name and thankfully take his.

The Duke emphasizes in strangely cold manner, how his previous wife was disrespectful of his authority, let alone beholden for his name. Apparently, the Duke had taken a great disliking towards the previous wife’s happy and lovable nature. I am guessing the Duke might be the jealous type. Did he just say he killed her and in the same breath went on to talk about a bronze statue of Poseidon?

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  1. Well done shift of point of view to the person being shown the art collection of the Duke - a person who is also too preoccupied to really listen to the Duke's prattle...


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