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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Last Duchess (writing game 2)

Here I am - nothing but my looks captivated in this never-ending prison.
Not my soul, not my laugh, not my intentions.

Here I sit - with nothing left and by no choice of mine.
Doomed here the by the man I loved dearest.

Here I wilt - simply because he deemed it so.
Everything taken from me by the thrust of his will.

Here I die - slowly, watching events unfold,
Unable to stop this excuse of a man, excuse of a world

Eventually, they will die as well, sad shells that they are
And when they do mercy will not be forthcoming.

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  1. Does the last line refer to them being judged and going to Hell? If so, where is she? She doesn't really sound like she is content and went to Heaven...


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