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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Writing game: author function


Love is what makes the world go around. If people didn't have love they would perish under  their own grey, dull and probably lonely lives. Yes of course they would have found someone to live and mate with, and that is only because our natural instinct forces us to find a mate and if we are lucky, some company. Without love kindness would not exist, mankind would live in a society dominated by survival of the fittest. Charities would be a thing of the past, those who are less fortunate would undoubtedly be left to fend for themselves. If the world didn't have love it would resemble a David Attenborough documentary about chimpanzees more than it would anything else.

Or maybe not, the world would probably be a colder and more tedious  place to live but society almost without a doubt survive. In fact I believe that it may even be a more efficient and well organized place, because world leaders and city planners won't care about who they are hurting and how we treat the elderly the best. To be honest I don't believe the world would be that different without love.

Author function

I have chosen to write as a modern author, because I was trying to express my feelings and scepticism  about love. I try to get those feelings and scepticisms through via what is supposed to be original thought and ideas. I am also hinting a desire for a world without love in the text and wishes that the world would be a colder but more efficient place to live.

If i had chosen another author functions like e.g. playwright I would probably write about in the form of a story where my opinions got through via characters


  1. Nice choice of author function! Your choice of author function gives you a direct line to the reader, so that you may convey your thoughts and ideas directly to them. Nicely done!

  2. Alright piece on the abstract notion of love, which you seem to decide is more of an instinct than an emotion. Reflection portion fine, too...

  3. I like your piece. Though I do not agree on your scepticism, it is interesting to see how you separate between instinctual desire and efficiency. Kind of insinuates how we are fooling ourselves in our everyday lives; pretending to be good for the sake of being good, when we are really being good for reasons of efficiency, benefiting the survival of our species.


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