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Monday, January 16, 2012

Writing game 4

Writing Game 4

Based on “Hills Like White Elephants”

Genre: Memoirs

His Memoirs

Oh, what a mess…Why, why did she have to get pregnant? And we who was always so cautious. Perchance it is not even mine. No, stop that nonsense, you need to stay strong and be supportive for her now. Oh but believe me, I try. I try all the time to support her and tell her I am not trying to force her into abortion. But what about my opinion? If it is in fact mine, shouldn`t I also have a say on whether to keep it or not? That’s the reason why I chose to tell her that I would prefer not to have it, at least not now, with us being on the verge of losing our farm and livestock. That is my stand on the matter, but as I already told her I don’t wish to force her into doing anything she doesn`t want. Why is she then so bloody difficult? Why can`t she just give a straighter answer? Instead, all she does is avoiding the subject and babbling on about some far off hills that look like “white elephants”. What do these white elephants have to do with anything? Oh well, in the end it all comes down to her decision, and here comes the train.

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  1. I never pictured the male traveler to be anything as mundane as a struggling farmer, but Ok...
    The expression of his point of view and how torn he is works effectively.


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