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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Naming of binaries

Today we had computer maintenance.
Yesterday we had computer programming.
Tomorrow we will have virus detection.
This is all very exciting, but today
it is maintenance.

Polishing between letters.
Typing codes.
Restarting and closing completely.
I sometime wonder if this is
like cleaning a gun.

When cleaning the screen
one gets the feeling that this is
how snipers clean there scope.
Typing in the password
must be like loading the rifle.

Booting the computer
must be what it is like to
go into battle.
Entering the control panel
must be like running to the front. 


  1. Nice comparison to the field of war!

  2. I like the comparison of war. However, I would think that a lot of officers would choke on their medals if they saw this :-D But it is a very pastiche and the arrangemnt of the piece let the reader identify the poem you're "pastiching", so to speak.


  3. Ok as pastiche and a valid comparison. What is missing is of course the interplay between two voices which the Reed poem is characterized by. A rewrite could bring out a more lyrical, dreaming voice to contrast with the descriptive one.


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